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Jewel Amir is from the Westside of California. Born in Oakland, CA. raised in Fairfield, CA. She grew up in a small town, right near the Bay Area. She wasn’t into much but playing basketball coming up; she played basketball all of her life, until college. Once she stopped playing basketball;, the sky was the limit and she had no clue of it then.
She began writing songs years later after just exploring the world for some time. Her style of music is versatile. She writes what she feels like writing, or whatever the instrumental she likes tells her to say. The whole process is an art to her, and with art there is no box, so she can not box my style.
She does music not only for herself but for the loved ones she wants to take care of, the wealth she wants to leave behind to her children, and the people who may need to hear her words. But most importantly to keep her sister here with her. Her sister Brit is her biggest inspiration and everything started with her!