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Corwin Lewis is evolving into a dynamic Rapper, which has been his passion since his adolescent years. Born in the United States (May 14), a former resident of Houston, Texas. Since 2002, Corwin is a veteran of the United States Navy when stationed in Seattle, Washington; a rewarding 4-years of active duty in serving his country. Remarkably, this extraordinary gift influenced by the great legendary American Rapper Tupac Shakur aka 2Pac, one of his favorite Rap artists. With great admiration for the skill, Corwin developed a fondness and pursued writing lyric practices on a scratch pad while rehearsing to various sounds of music.

In 2011, while still engaged in his craft, Corwin decided to take a computer course to learn about the application development, user troubleshooting and repair on computer devices when he became even more instrumental in tackling his skills in various music program voice recordings of his hardcore harmonic lyrics about the hustles and struggles of growing up in the hood. His diligence in his craft became quite rewarding as he shared numerous of his recorded great talent to family, friends and the world on You Tube such as, “Drippin Wet”, “Black Mask”, “Higher”, “Till the Day I Die” and “My Love” just to name a few when he innovatively established himself as CezodaPro.

In 2012, determined to seek perfection with his music, Corwin attended Houston Community College in Houston, Texas majoring in Audio Recording Technology involving the music business and with an enthusiastic eye for the business, Corwin organized Cezodapro Productions and collaborates with other young Rappers such as King Yung, Mr. Cajun, DezaStar, D.H, Sekebabii and others in live performances. Corwin aka Cezo and his crew can be seen live in heart throbbing Open Mic performances at Club Breakers or other clubs that will be on further notice and also can be viewed on YouTube for your entertainment pleasure.