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07 Finesse also known as his other name 'Sad Boy', Brings all the energy in his music. Finesse is Houston raised and reps his city everywhere he goes. his top influencers are 'Lil Uzi Vert', 'Kid Rock' and also 'Juice WRLD'. 07 Finesse will amaze you with his high energy performances wherever he performs and will not dissatisfy you. despite all the stuff he goes through on a daily bases he always keeps his head high and pushes through it. listening to him will inform you more about Finesse and his life. he makes all kinds of different styles of rap such as 'Sad Boy Music', 'Hype Music' and also music for when you are under the influence of something. He's also most known for his melodic flows and and hitting his high notes with the 'Autotune', stay up to date with Finesse as he releases music to take you on his journey through life. "07 for life".